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Detection and Alarm Against Ingredient Harm
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From: Pam S.
i am loving this service. it has made life so much easier. i am always spreading the word about scanavert. even letting my doctors know and they are passing it on to patients
From: Jason N.
this is a great app!
From: Francisco
Great work. Keep improving. Cool app and useful 5 stars
From: Sara T.
This is fantastic for helping me avoid foods Iím sensitive to!
From: Spike
As a father of two children with severe food allergies I think this is a great product!
From: From Sandrine
When I saw your program I was very excited, since I have been living with
several very severe allergies all my life and this would greatly simplify my
life. I have eagerly downloaded it and tried it out and must say this is a
brilliant idea.
From: Kelly
Thanks for checking. It's great. The boys love using it. They could spend hours in my pantry scanning. My daughter would like to add it to her phone because she babysits the boys more than me. She said at lunchtime when she needs it, I'm at work. Can we add her phone to account? I need it on mine since I do the shopping. Also, the boys want their mom to get a Droid phone so she can have it. I would love some brochures to pass out at allergy doctors office. I'm going to show this app. to her. Shes a good friend of mine. I'll tell her about your wonderful support.
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