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Detection and Alarm Against Ingredient Harm
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From: Christopher G.
This is the best service ever!!! After being diagnosed with Celiac's, I was depressed because I thought my entire diet would have to change. My fiancee's sister-in-law showed this to me and has changed my entire outlook on my situation. Not only has it saved me twice already, it offered suggestions for a substitute. Thank you for creating this phenomenal program.
From: Txhos
So far I've found this app to be 98% reliable. It's even better than the awesome "Is that gluten free" app since it's just a quick scan and 3 sec later we know if it's ok for celiacs and so many other diseases/allergies. Itemizes what specific ingredient is not allowed is great. Even offers alternatives so we can quickly buy things that are allowed? So great!
From: Jill D.
I want to say THANK YOU for the amazing App. My husband and I were so afraid we would not be 100% accurate in picking out foods for my daughter with Celiac....now, it is a no brainer...life is good. We are grateful for the Scan Avert Application. A true life saver.
From: Katelyn
Amazing! It makes my celiac so much more convenient to manage! It allows any dietary restrictions. I would have paid more!
From: Stephanie N
thank you so much! This application is AWESOME..made my life so much easier!
From: AH
ScanAvert- I LOVE YOUR APP! Helps me avoid gluten and soy in groceries!
From: Kristin
Luv the app! has slight trouble with some packages and generic brands, Friends really impressed- wish it had vegetarian
From: TMIloverforever!
OUTSTANDING! Love, love, love this app! This app was one of my first GF app buys I use it all the time, my number one go to app.
From: mp
Great application has been helpful finding gluten free items
From: Karen
Both of my children were recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease-I rely on Scan Avert,would suffer without it!
From: Jenn
I love how you list the ingredients to show what is ok and what is not.
From: Casi
Thank you for the quick response and assistance, and of course for developing a great app for those of us dealing with food allergies.
From: Karen
I love your product and used it at the store tonight. Thank you SO MUCH. It was a terrific help!
From: Michael T.
This app adds a great piece of mind when shopping for a child with life-threatening peanut/tree nut allergies. THANK YOU!
From: Matt B
Thanks for the quick reply and suggestion. I had not noticed the Custom Diet feature.
I am using this app to help with gluten free and dairy free and think it is the best of the options out there. Well worth the low price.
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