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Detection and Alarm Against Ingredient Harm
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From: Nellie A.
Love this APP! Thank you!
From: Kelly C. ROCK, Raising Our Celiac Kids
I rave daily on how much this app has help me and my kids, their grandparents when they visit and friends parents when my kids arrive. Its been a LIFE saver in the most valuable of ways!
From: Debbie
Great for Gluten! and also for other diseases!
From: Shawn H.
Used your product for sis-in-law on vacation. she was impressed with your product. Most likely I will purchase this again next time she visits or we visit here. She had 3 food allergies which makes it a challenge at the store. Egg, Dairy and Gluten. Your app made it much easier to shop with her.
From: David R
Great app! Works exactly as represented!
From: Cathy
What a great app you have! & on behalf of people like me who spend an hour cross-checking ingredient "alias' " out of necessity at the supermarket, we thank you.
From: Denise
This is a very valuable tool for me !
From: Ann
Wow! I'm really impressed-much different than my food facts- Bravo, Scanavert!
From: Andrea
I love scanavert, it confirms or denies what my middle aged eyes only suspect.
From: Brett
First, let me say how grateful I am for your product. At age 41, I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and after spending a few days on the internet and reading books, I was still so confused about whether the everyday branded items I bought would fit in my new diet or not. I bought your iphone app yesterday and scanned every single item in our cabinets, refrigerators, and freezers. Not only did it help me understand which items were compatible with my new diet, but it also helped me to understand WHY certain items weren't and which ingredients to be on watch for. I love your product and am so appreciative that it's available.
From: Kevin
Thanks so much. I am loving this app so far-such a big help!
From: Mary Maier, MD, Silverdale, WA
I am very excited about the Scanavert app and recommend it to all of my food allergy patients, and I have a LOT of them. I am a board certified allergist and immunologist and this is the “real deal”!
From: Jayne
For people who have severe symptoms due to Celiac disease, like myself, trace amounts of gluten can be devastating. Thanks so much for doing this.
From: Trish
Congrats on a practical and ethical app. Yours is a meaningful contribution to a better life for many!
From: Erika A.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this application. Best thing since sliced (gluten-free) bread!
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