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Detection and Alarm Against Ingredient Harm
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    Management Team
    Ellen Badinelli

    Ms. Badinelli is founder and CEO of ScanAvert, possessing over 20 years experience in the securities industry in new product development, marketing, and detection of unusual trading patterns/profiles. Her more recent positions with organizations dedicated to the health and well being of children, has led her to apply the same systemic logic to create a method of generating compatibility/incompatibility alerts outside an established set of criteria for dietary preference and avoidance.

    She conceived ScanAvert in 2001 and has been an early champion in the effort to promote mobile access and delivery of personal health information. As a SPIR Grant recipient [Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence], she developed ScanAvertís first preference/avoidance mapping service based on her initial patent. Shortly thereafter she developed ScanAvertís first [Enterprise] application for the kiosk environment as a Symbol Development Partner. This service garnered press and was a 2006 IEEEís CCNC Consumer Application of the Year 2nd Place Awardee, and 2005 CEWIT Featured Developer. Utilizing the privacy, mobility and technological advancements afforded cell phones, Badinelli steered development toward personal device usage. She holds a Bachelor of Science from State University of New York at Oneonta, has held leadership positions within Scouting; BSA, and GSA, Special Education PTA, and currently serves on the FINRA [NASD] Board of Arbitrators.

    Petar Kassov

    Mr. Kassov is Chief Technology Officer and determines the most efficient means to implement ScanAvertís line of products and services, as he has for five years, including ScanAvertís award-winning first generation enterprise software. In addition to his work with ScanAvert, he has over 8 years development experience in e-commerce, web design, and mobile applications. Through VIE Corp., a company he founded with Mr. Kassabov, below, he has served a variety of clients, commercializing email and text messaging campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, developing Enterprise-CRM [customer relationship management] barcode reader solutions, and managing a staff of 15. His more recent development work commercializes mobile messaging solutions for social communities and enterprises, such as SendSMSnow, PetPoP, and Protexting. He holds a Bachelor Science from Baruch College in Computer Information Systems.

    Kalin Kassabov

    Mr. Kassabov is Director of Business Development and oversees innovation and development staff. He brings with him over 6 years experience from VIE Corp., the software and consulting company he co-founded with Mr. Kassov, above. He specializes in mobile and web-based businesses and marketing strategies, most notably Sendito.com and PetPop.com. Other projects include text message services such as NightlifeTexting, which was successfully sold. Mr. Kassabov has managed projects for media and retail clients including HBO, Sodexo, Davidís Bridal, The Newark Arena, New Jersey Ironman. Prior to that he worked as an independent consultant in the financial services industry, developing financial/analysis models for a large asset management company for institutional clients and a large private equity fund for high net worth individuals. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from University of Central Oklahoma.

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