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Detection and Alarm Against Ingredient Harm
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Gluten free diet
This diet notifies the user to the presence of the term "gluten-free" and bears certification as such, or lack thereof indicating it is not 'gluten-free". Source: Gladson Interactive FYI: Labels for following foods should be scrutinized for these terms as they may contain gluten: Breading, coating mixes and Panko, Broth and soup bases, Brown rice syrup, Candy, Croutons, Flour or cereal products, Imitation bacon, Imitation seafood, Marinade, Pastas, Processed luncheon meats, Sauces, gravies, Self-basting poultry, Soy sauce or soy sauce solids, Stuffing, dressing, Thickeners (roux), Communion wafers, Herbal supplements, Drugs and over-the-counter medications, Nutritional supplements, Vitamin and mineral supplements, Playdough; a potential problem if hands are put on or in mouth when playing with Playdough or not washed after use. Source: Gluten Intolerance Group, GIG barley,bran, bulgur, couscous, dextrimaltose, dinkel, durum, einkorn, emmer, flour, gluten, groats, ground wheat, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, HVP, kamut, malt, malted wheat grain flour, malted wheatgrain flour, oatmeal, oats, plain flour, rye, seitan, self raising flour, seminola, spelt, stone ground flour, stoneground flour, textured vegetable protein, TVP, triticale, triticum,vegetable starch wheat, wheatgerm, wheat germ flour, wheat starch, whole meal flour, wholemeal flour
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