Autism Speaks strangely silent

A couple of significant articles were published this week on Autism, WSJ.   The first was a detailed report on the causes of autism, which independent studies concluded was environmental to gestation.  I suggested this likelihood in several posts over the years, too many to list here, urging that Autism Speaks’ policy against vaccinations, as the culprit, was ill-conceived, based on a questionable study, which was later discredited, and harmful.   These recent studies are the most compelling evidence the group’s recommendation, and campaign, was baseless.   An article on further studies on diagnosis across gender was printed the following day, so Autism is getting a lot of  ink this week.  Yet despite this attention, the Autism Speaks website included the gender results, but no mention of the environmental studies.   I revisited the website several times, but as I write this, still nothing.

Autism Speaks is the largest. and largest  funded,  organization dedicated to Autism research and services for the Autistic and their families,  carrying significant clout.  So where is their mea culpa?   Not sure what I expected or hoped to find, but perhaps something along the lines of  “An overwhelming number of recent studies conclude there is no link between vaccinations, or the mercury contained in vaccinations, and incidence of Autism.   Schedule your child’s vaccinations with his/her pediatrician”.    As diseases once eradicated resurface, the decision not to vaccinate one’s child, is a decision to place other children at risk.   The abundance of studies yielding negative results should finally put to rest any debate on this issue; there is simply no reason to take that risk.

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