USDA’s affair with soda

There’s been much controversy over Bloomberg’s large soda ban but for all the negative comments and outcry over being micro-managed, no one can dispute the costs associated with this vice.   The neighborhoods with the highest incidence of diabetes and obesity, have the highest soda sales, offering the most compelling evidence to enforce the ban.  But the real culprit in all this is the USDA itself, which rejected NYC’s proposal that soda be excluded under SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.   Perhaps the USDA thinks there is some nutritional value in soda,  or pork rinds,  maybe their retirement funds are heavily invested in Coca-cola or Pepsi, or  just possibly, the soda manufacturers lobbied the USDA right into their back pocket.   Perhaps they were soooo overwhelmed in their task of replacing the Food Pyramid with the Food Plate, to build healthy food awareness. Ironic, considering soda doesn’t belong anywhere on it.    When tax payer dollars are spent on changing a triangle to a circle, instead of meaningful decisions that make a positive impact, it’s no wonder we’re in a sequester.



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