Social Security fraud and your money

This weekend it was reported in the WSJ that thieves filed fraudulent returns  using stolen Social Security numbers before the real individuals could, and provided mail box drops or vacant homes to pick up the refund/cash cards.    That the IRS even uses such currency is frightening; checks require an ID; whereas debit/cash cards do not.   Far worse is that Social Security lost an estimated 11 billion- 5 billion established, an additional 6 billion in losses/theft estimated,  when its solvency is already short-lived.  This seems like a mortal wound for an agency that has reported it will be bankrupt in 12 years.

This massive fraud demonstrates the inability of government to exercise control and security and if they were private companies, there would be an outcry for an investigation, at the very least, someone would be fired- paging Donald Trump?  However, these trusty folks are the same folks that will manage your healthcare which will just enlarge the pot for fraud and abuse.     Like a borrower that proves himself imprudent and  childish and asks for a bigger budget, we, and hopefully the Supreme Court, must recognize this wake-up call, and definitively answer NO.   All politics aside, no single entity, government or otherwise, should have this much at stake that could so easily be breached.

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