Healthcare- the next bailout?

It was reported last week that several organizations promote the preventative AIDS prescription.   We taxpayers are going to pay for a preventative daily pill to protect those ‘at-risk’ of Aids.  Why are they considered ‘at risk’?   Because they have multiple partners and won’t use a condom.   If you assumed these were teens, you’d be wrong.  The largest ‘at risk’ group is comprised of adult males, who have no excuse for such reckless habits.    Once again, those that conduct themselves irresponsibly  are bailed out by the  responsible whose  taxes are allocated toward protecting a group of individuals hellbent on engaging  in selfish, destructive and dangerous practices, when a simple drugstore condom would suffice.  But here’s the real kicker; in testing the drug’s efficacy, 10% of these folks actually contracted the disease from the prescription intended to prevent it, and then required the intense Aids cocktail therapy to beat it.    Under what medical category is this lunacy billed?   This is NOT medical care, it’s a bailout.


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