Health takes a back seat to be politically correct

As  reported in the journal Health Services, and cited in the NYTimes article, link below, Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health concluded that our nation’s “inefficiency in the health care system” is the culprit for US’ poor mortality standings, yet offered no evidence that supports this conclusion.    On the contrary, it seems the researchers had a prior opinion which they could find no means of measurement but wanted to grab some headlines anyway.

They base this claim on the fact that the US pays more for healthcare than any other nation and yet our mortality falls far below other nations.  The cost and mortality are not disputed, but there is no supporting data to place blame on “inefficiencies”.    Rather, the Swedes, Swiss and Australians cited with a higher mortality rate,  are largely homogenous populations, a critical fact the researchers ignored.   None of the other countries cited have the immigration rates of the US.   Hispanic and African Americans account for the greatest gain in incidence of obesity and Diabetes.   And the NIH didn’t have to waste a dime to uncover such facts,  just peruse the Census numbers.

Has political correctness rendered the scientists among us fearful of mentioning the contentious issue of immigration? Such pretense is dangerous because no problem can be solved until it is identified. Minorities in the US have the fastest rising rates of obesity and Diabetes, the third largest killer in the US, and with nonsense like this, those numbers wont budge.

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