Gluten free followers, Celiac patients please weigh in!

If you read this blog you are probably aware our most popular diet is Gluten free.  We had included caramel,  caramel color in our list of avoidance substances, but recently received a “shellacking”, to borrow an O’bama term, from a  notable US Celiac organization, since it is ‘common practice’  among US manufacturers, that  caramel, caramel color, is no longer derived from  malt/wheat.  We remain concerned however,  since products are imported here for sale from other regions [e.g., Europe] where malt IS a derivative substance, and chocolates and other food stuffs are frequently given as gifts, and amid the approaching holiday season, we may add it back in based upon your feedback.  So, if you are still in the voting mood, please weigh in and know that your ‘ballot’ will be counted, and if close, re-counted! and if you’ve come across any US products that derive caramel, caramel color from malt,  please pass it along.

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