Monthly Archives: April 2012

Once upon a time there was Social Security…

Indiscriminate insurance coverage has eaten away Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security,  which, as reported today by the Trustees,  will vaporize in 20 years.   This theft occurred over time as the very definition of what constitutes health care was being hijacked by the all those folks who want validation, approval, license, and funding to practice their bad habits-  like paying for Lindsey Lohan’s 15th detox, and all those like her that call their vices a ‘disease’.   I am still waiting for a plausible explanation on how achieving an erection constitutes medical care or why I have to buy birth control for college students who can pay 60K a year tuition but practicing safe sex is a budgetary priority that falls below their bar crawl hookups.

Health care is not detox, birth control, Viagra, gender reassignment, or improving socialization by living with a pet [an NIH  taxpayer funded study]  – those are lifestyle choices; I don’t expect you to pay for mine, so why should I be compelled to pay for yours? Particularly if  your habits are illegal or if I find them objectionable.

Our current barometer on what passes for health care must be completely redefined.    Those of us that embrace healthy, risk-free practices, must stop validating the irresponsible conduct of others, and instead of rewarding/funding bad habits, our government needs to do the same and fast!     Failure to act decisively will harm us for generations to come.

A lesson in history

Last week I visited Colonial Williamsburg.     We were treated to re-enactments, one of which was “A conversation with Thomas Jefferson”, and  the audience posed questions that brought history to life.  An audience member inquired:  “Can a government force people to pay for a product or service?”  Jefferson’s reply was as timely at his time, as it is in ours:  that such an act had already been attempted with disastrous results and a revolt among citizenry.   He was referring  to the British tax imposed on tea, and closing of Boston Harbor, that mandated  that colonists purchase tea from England alone.   The resultant Boston Tea Party was the turning point that galvanized the colonists’ rebellion into the fight for independence.   “Jefferson”, or should I say the history teacher/insurance agent/thespian portraying him, was correct in his assessment- it really was/ is that simple.

They say those who fail to learn history are bound to repeat it’s mistakes.  Let’s hope that our Supreme Court justices are better pupils of history than the Executive branch.