Monthly Archives: December 2009

Actually the Ivy leaguers are NOT smarter than a fifth grader!

I found myself chuckling last week while reading the Harvard School of Public Health’s conclusion of its study that stroke rates in “the stroke belt’ were “a mystery”, according to M. Maria Glymour the lead author. What so perplexed the researchers was that people residing in the southern states that comprise the stroke belt had a 34% higher incidence of stroke, and,  even when they relocated outside the region, these individuals still had a higher incidence of stroke than residents in their new state.   It seems the ivy leaguers need to venture south of the Mason Dixon line, where visions of sugar plums are replaced with deep fried twinkies, hominy grits, unlimited soda refills, Bar-B-Q,  and never-ending buffet choices so laden with fat they could harden and double as land fill.

My children first experienced the gluttony that is Shoney’s on a trip to visit relatives in Virginia.  My youngest, then a fifth grader, noted that the family in the booth next to us was on their 4th soda refill, and at the tender age of 10, was fully aware of the consequences of numerous cavities and huge girth.  So, mystery solved, or more to the point, never existed, at least not for a fifth grader or any one else with common sense: People with poor dietary habits will continue poor dietary habits regardless of their change in zipcodes, unless they change their choices and behavior.

The little victories of Pioneers

We hope you have found our service informative and helpful.  We are happy to report that ScanAvert app is now posted on the Android Market and has great new refinements, so please download the app from there to replace your current one and take advantage of the newest version. As you, the ScanAvert community, have been instrumental in helping us enhance our service and refine our substitute search process, we are truly grateful for the time you allow to provide us with valuable feedback.  Please continue to do so in the coming weeks as we include new features as per your suggestions.  Like all pioneers, we continue to evolve as we tackle new obstacles in the world of automated user dictated information delivery.  So not exactly Star Trek, but still a maiden voyage onto unchartered frontiers, and whether you were aware or not, you have been helping us navigate.
Recently, we have been receiving many questions on why we don’t have super store products in our database. Even though our product information provider, Gladson Interactive, maintains the largest and most complete database in United States, the Big Box retailers (Sam’s Club, Costco) have their own product line, as is the case with generic/supermarket private label brands. The barcodes created for these packages are unique to those retailers and not found elsewhere.  Know that we willl continue to request their product information and believe that as our user base increases, these retailers will recognize they can promote their own products as proposed substitutes.   For the present, ScanAvert is best used in the standard supermarket setting.