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Congratulations! Your visit here means you have taken the first step in shopping healthier, being healthier. I began this site as a way to reach out to all my potential customers. Who exactly is that? Well, you, if you want a smarter, healthier cupboard for you or your family, then acquaint yourself with ScanAvert and what efficiency and value it will soon bring you. ScanAvert is the only patent-pending software that lets you dictate your dietary preferences and avoidances for all your household members, in one single application and site, and receive incompatibility alerts, compatible substitute products, automated product recall messages and soon, customized offers/savings, all in the privacy and convenience of your mobile handset, or PC. Best of all IT’S FREE for the first 2 months.
Our humble beginnings:  A few years back, I could not find a simple means of choosing products for a large population of children with food allergies, prescribed drugs and dietary restrictions,without consulting several different websites or carrying around printed lists. This also meant I could not take advantage of in-store specials if they weren’t on my list, or recommended/endorsed by a specific website. I needed a real-time user-friendly, systematic way of shopping my local grocer that would answer the simple question: ‘Can I have this product?” If not, show me one I can have.”
I used the same approach in developing a system of alerts for dietary preferences and avoidances, as that which I developed to detect trading violations during my career in the securities markets. Creating this solution made my task of shopping more efficient, and freed up time for other priorities like Little League games and getting my butt kicked in Battleship [note: my son cheats big time]. I started this business so that you may all feel this empowered.
You choose what’s important to your household and your pocketbook; dietary management made simple and rewarding. We’ve included some key areas on the registration pages we think would benefit much of the consumer public but we want to hear from you, since I view you as my partner-in-architecture of ScanAvert’s services and future products. Spread the word to your friends, relatives and neighbors; as you are the ScanAvert community. Your comments and suggestions are extremely important to us and much appreciated. So, make your opinion count; exercise your consumer clout!