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Detection and Alarm Against Ingredient Harm
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    About ScanAvert

    Trying to avoid unwanted ingredients is a complex and time consuming process, difficult for even the most educated consumer. ScanAvert identifies all the seemingly unlimited terminology related to the same ingredient or allergen.

    A vast number of beneficiaries:

    • Allergic/Ingredient sensitive

    • Individuals managing an illness or disease, e.g., Celiac Disease, Diabetes.

    • Anyone following a diet or monitoring dietary allowances.

    • Religious/Ideological observant, e.g., such as Kosher, Hindu, Vegan.

    • Individuals taking prescribed drugs

    • Parents of learning disabled students who wish to avoid certain ingredients/chemical processes to improve their child's focus, e.g., it is believed that ingredients including artificial colors, gluten, may impede concentration and learning of children diagnosed with Autism, ADD/ADHD and other learning disorders.

    • Pregnant Women advised to avoid ingredients/substances during their pregnancy.

    • Nursing moms avoiding substances that could passed to their child.

    • Any individual whose manual dexterity is compromises their ability to read labels, e.g. those suffering from Parkinson's Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy.

    • The visually impaired or anyone who must strain to read the fine font of package labels.

    • Individuals whose main language is not English, or struggle with literacy.

    • Anyone who wishes to receive automated notifications of product recalls for products they scanned or entered in their profile.
    Important Note: ScanAvert is best used in the standard supermarket setting. Our product information provider, Gladson, maintains the most complete database in United States, however the Big Box retailers (Sam's Club, Costco) have their own product line, with unique barcodes and do not submit product information.


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