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P-K-5 Roll On Pain Reliever

Use your mobile phone to scan P-K-5 Roll On Pain Reliever Icon Labs in using ScanAvert app (iPhone or Android), and get immediate [in]compatibility results based on your dietary preferences, avoidance, get compatible suggested substitutes, and auto-notification if there is a recent recall on this product.
P-K-5 Roll On Pain Reliever
Icon Labs
Icon Labs
UPC: 00658702195717
Description: P-K-5 Roll On Pain Reliever
Product Details: Powerful pain relief. Arthritis; Back pain; Joint pain. Easy to apply; Menthol free; No burning; Greaseless. Roll it on; Rub it in; Stop the pain, right now! Doctor and Pharmacist recommended. Why Use P-K-5? Fast, safe, effective, dependable, long lasting. Icon Lab's approach to the homeopathic arts has elevated the science of pain relief to a new level with this product. We always go the extra mile and spare no expense in the development of our revolutionary products. When you invest in a product produced by Icon Labs, you can count on receiving the best science has to offer.
Indications: For the temporary relief of Arthritis, Joint and Back pain, Neuropathies, Fibromyalgia, Muscle pain, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel, Tendinitis, Strains, Sprains, Bursitis, and other types of pain.
Directions: For best results, clean the entire painful area with a non-moisturizing soap. Area should be free of oils and lotion for maximum results. Apply P-K-5 liberally, covering the entire painful area and a few inches beyond. Rub the P-K-5 in briskly with your hand until absorbed.
Ingredients: A Proprietary Homeopathic Blend of Albumin Proteins, Essential Oils, Oriental Herbals, Enzymatically Predigested Botanical Extracts, Mineral and Vitamin Complexes, Anti-Oxidants and Glucosamine.
Warnings: Before use read all label information; Use only as directed; Avoid contact with eyes (in case of contact with eyes, flush with water); If pregnant or nursing seek the advice of a health care professional before use.
Always read label to verify!
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